Mohawk General Store

Mohawk sells designer apparel to people around the world. Their new site is an immersive, lightning-fast shopping experience on desktop and mobile.

mohawk home - mobile mohawk home - desktop
mohawk product grid - mobile mohawk product grid - desktop
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Big Cartel Snakebite

Snakebite is the mullet of e-commerce: business up front, party in the back. It’s one of several themes available to Big Cartel store owners. The theme is highly customizable, allowing for an enormous amount of energy or subtle elegance. It’s optimized for mobile and is ready to strike on a device near you.

snakebite herriott - mobile snakebite herriott - desktop
snakebite swinj - mobile snakebite swinj - desktop
snakebite fuzzco - mobile snakebite fuzzco - desktop

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