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Imagine you’re eight years old and have just opened your very first lemonade stand. You have all the materials ready, but one thing is missing. You need talent – a partner in crime. That's where Lemonaid comes in.

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Lemonaid is a simple web application that helps students collaborate on projects of their choosing. Students can start a business, nonprofit, band, or club and handpick the perfect team members.

The web app is open to students at select schools around the nation.

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Posting a project is quick and intuitive. The entire process takes place on a single page.

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An assortment of playful illustrations show the wide range of talent available through Lemonaid.

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Once the project has been posted, other students can browse and discover it, filtering based on campus and the type of talent needed.

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Clicking on a project shows an extended description. Users are prompted to sign up and verify their university email address before contacting the project lead.

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CodeIgniter, PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3